What is #sajidAsks?

SajidAsks is an online event page, hosted by Sajid Islam, Founder, and CEO of Hubdhaka. It is an informative website designed to provide insight into skills and career development. What you get from this site, is not what you ‘could’ do or what you ‘should’ do; it is what you can do.

Who are the speakers?

The event page features inspiring guest speakers, who will give you an outlook on real-life experiences in skills and career development. Speakers are comprised of individuals from various fields with diverse skill sets.

How does someone attend the event?

You can register on the event page. Once registered, you will receive notifications on the ongoing as well as upcoming events. The registration process involves submitting basic information on yourself. You will also have the option to interact by providing any question you want to be answered in advance.

Why should someone attend the event?

The number of graduates and the number of job openings is seemingly disproportional since forever. Expecting an improvement on that scenario anytime soon is unlikely. It is solely your responsibility to create a place for yourself in the job market. Therefore, this site is your gateway to finding and creating opportunities for yourselves.

Who are we trying to attract through these events?

We are hoping to attract individuals who are at the initial or mid-stages of career development.

Why are we hosting these events?

The web is not short on tips, guidelines, approaches, etc. on career building. We know that, but we also know how overwhelming the overload of information can be for you. We aim to share clear, concise and helpful facts with you, borne from real-life experiences. SajidAsks hopes to equip you with the information you will need to approach your career pathway.