#sajidAsks: Emrazina


Emrazina I. Khan believes in honesty. She feels that if anyone works with integrity and dedication, success is sure to come in life. There were certain points in her life when she faced many hurdles, but she never lost hope. She always worked hard, and now she is one of the successful women in Bangladesh. Whereas once she was just a freelance graphics designer, now she has her own office and manages a team.

During this session, Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of Hubdhaka Coworking (Bangladesh’s first and largest coworking space) will talk with Emrazina I. Khan (Bangladesh Brand Ambassador at Payoneer and Co-Founder of Emrazina Technologies) about how dedication to work led her to start an agency of her own, challenges that she faced and still faces all the time and how she manages to stand up in the difficult situation.


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