#sajidAsks: Afrin



Wondering how to start or where to start your freelancing career? Afraid of scammers? Unsure of which platform to start with? Wondering what it takes to become an award-winning freelancer?


Even though this is a facebook live online event, we strongly recommend that you register.


Benefits of registering:

1. Arrive on time and don’t miss anything. We will send you a reminder email before we start.

2. We will email you the location of the recorded video for future playback.

3. Receive updates on future speakers.

Here are some of the questions that will be asked during the show:

  • How To Build a Freelancing Profile
  • Bidding, Schedules and Payment
  • Avoiding Scammers
  • Advice For The Freelancer Newbie
  • A Freelancing Career Outside The Marketplace
  • Building Your Own Freelancing Company
  • Rules Of Success As A Freelancer