#sajidAsks: Ajanta

What if I told you that it is possible to pursue your passion and make it into a career? Well, secure your spot today and sign-on to learn why and how Ajanta Rezwana Mirza transformed her passion into a career.

Despite loving her job, Ajanta decided to leave it as she could not want travel to work. She switched her career and started working from home as a freelancer through different platforms. Today she is a successful top rated freelancer at Upwork.

During this session, Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of Hubdhaka (Bangladesh’s first and largest coworking space) will sit down with Ajanta (Top Rated Freelance Writer at Upwork). His aim is to find out how she made the transition and what it has been like for her.

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Why should you join?
Why not? You’ll get invaluable insights on how a person was able to switch careers and build a new career as a freelance writer. Ignorance has never been, nor will it ever be blissful; it is painful and results in a loss of income, productivity, and growth. What you do not know can not help you? Join the session and grow.


Who is it for?
For anyone thinking of switching their career or anyone who just started freelancing as a writer. A lot of people think that there is no future or career as a writer; however after listening to Ajanta you will realise that  a career in writing is possible and others are already doing it.


Here are some of the questions that will be asked during the show:

  • How & when did her freelancing journey start?
  • When she decided to take the leap?
  • What kind of challenges did she face, and what are the challenges she is currently facing?
  • How did she reach the top-rated status?
  • How is she maintaining her top position?
  • What kind of growth has she seen in her business?