#sajidAsks: Fahad

Likes do not pay bills. Revenue does. And the only way to grow revenue is through Sales. So if you want to double or triple your sales then this is the session for you.

In this session, Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of hubdhaka (Bangladesh’s first and largest coworking space) will interview Fahad Aziz, Founder & Sales Trainer – SalesArmies. Before returning to Dhaka, Fahad was a top sales professional in Australia at Sydney Morning Herald. However, he did not become#1 right way. Join this session and find out what he did to become #1.

Even though this is a facebook live online event, we strongly recommend that you register.

Benefits of registering:

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Who should attend:
Entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone interested in growing sales

Here are some of the questions that will be asked during the show:

  • His background and achievements. 

  • How did he get started and win?

  • What is he doing in Bangladesh?

  •  How does he help companies?

  • Why is sales important?

  • How can you become a top producer in sales?

  • His future plans.