#sajidAsks: Marilin


Marilin Ahmed identifies herself as an HR professional. Her education background was in Human Resource (HR) Management. She held several corporate jobs at reputable international companies, which gave her exposure to every aspects of human resource management.

Then came a certain point in her life, when she felt the need to invest her time and efforts in her own terms, leading her to opt for freelancing. She had even bigger dreams of establishing a business of her own, and soon realised the difficulty in pursuing her dream while maintaining a corporate job.
The freedom she experienced as a freelancer allowed to pursue her ambitions. Now, she is also known as the Co-Founder of OrderBox, provider of one-stop solutions to all Export, Import, Indenting, Supply and Business Consultancy related issues for a wide range of products and avenues.


During the session, Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of Hubdhaka Coworking (Bangladesh’s first and largest coworking space) will sit down with Marilin Ahmed (Top Rated HR Expert at Upwork). He aims to find out what kind of efforts went into realising and achieving her ambitions, how she made the transition and what it has been like for her.


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Who is it for?

Anyone hoping to pursue a career in freelancing.

Why should you join?

Marilin Ahmed’s introduction to Upwork began with accepting data entry jobs. Currently she holds a full-time position at StarOfService, a tech startup located in France. She is their Lead HR Manager, overseeing a 200 international freelancers in 25 countries. Curious to know how she did it? Tune in to SajidAsks-Marilin Ahmed and find out more.

The session will provide relevant tips on enhancement of  profile at Upwork and quality of work, leading to accomplishments.

Here are some of the questions that will be covered during the show:

1. What challenges did you face when you started applying to Upwork?
2. How do you maintain efficiency in your work?
3. What recommendations would you give to someone when realizing the skills they have to offer?
4. What do you do in a day as the HR Lead Manager of StarOfService?
5. How do you manage business and freelancing at the same time?
6. What are your long term goals? What is the purpose of all your efforts so far?

Ignorance has never been, nor will it ever be blissful; it is painful and results in a loss of income, productivity, and growth.
What you don’t know can’t help you. Join the session and grow.