#sajidAsks: Togbog


In a country where newspapers, online news portals, and tv channels are busy trying to publish all the negativity around us, Togbod decided to take a different route. Togbog is committed to showing everyone all the exciting and inspiring things that are happening every day in and around Bangladesh – something we all should be proud of.

During this session of #sajidasks, Sajid Islam, Founder & CEO of Hubdhaka Coworking (Bangladesh’s first and largest coworking space) will sit down with 3 of the co-founders of Togbog (Tanzim Uddin, Nayeem A. M. Turjo and Samin Haque) and discuss their motivation behind starting Togbod, how they began and how they bring all the positivity infront of us.



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Ignorance has never been, nor will it ever be blissful; it is painful and results in a loss of income, productivity, and growth. What you don’t know can’t help you. Join the session and grow.